Create rules that will take action on your behalf

No need to spend on non-performing campaigns anymore

Set rules for your ad campaigns

Monitor the rules set for your Facebook ad campaigns

Spend Optimally for your facebook campaigns

Automate monitoring and managing Facebook ads with Rules

  • Rules are performance-based job that makes predefined changes to Campaigns like pausing when KPIs have met, not met, or exceeded a predefined value
  • Create rules at any desired level like Account, Campaign Group, Campaign, Ad-Set and Ad
  • User can select one or multiple metrics as the trigger condition. In each case, the manually entered value has to be “greater than,” “smaller than,” “equals to”,“greater than or equals to” or“smaller than or equals to”

Rules will take care of everything, Now you can have a sound sleep

Start optimizing your accounts automatically with Rules

  • Rules are used when you are running a lot of different ad sets and want to make sure that a certain criteria is not surpassed.
  • The Ad Rules feature will help you to pause ads in your ad set depending on your preferences. You can easily choose what criteria, or rules, should trigger the pausing of the ads, and when to pause them.
  • When there are multiple people with access to the ad account, select which of the users to receive rule results by adding any number of team members. View the graphs of your chosen metric to adjust the set rule based on your analysis

Scale your social media presence with our Facebook Ads Management tool

All your alerts in a single dashboard

  • Know how many times your active/in-active Rules have triggered along with the health of each rule.
  • Get a glimpse of all your Rules’ frequencies monitoring your key metrics in the Alerts dashboard.
  • Add any number of entities and the system will check if any of them have met the condition and perform the pre-defined task.

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