Create Camapaign Groups

Track overall Performance of multiple Campaigns

Monitor performance of multiple facebook ad campaigns at one place

Select and group similar campaigns together

Analyse the performance of different campaigns which belong to a campaign group

Simplify reporting and generate common insights for entire campaign group

Get granular analyzing what’s happening inside your Campaign Group

  • Compare graphs of important metrics like spend, clicks & results to gauge the overall performance of the group with a single glance.
  • Find out how many campaigns are active and how many have been paused at a given instant.
  • Compare the performance of your group with the rest of the account using upto two metrics.
  • Get a breakdown of what is happening inside a Campaign group along with top performing campaigns to replicate winners.
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Get an overview of all your Groups at one location

  • Monitor your Campaign groups as you get data organized towards a single purpose like campaigns having the same objective or running in the same geographic location etc.
  • Quickly jump into any campaign to replicate top performing campaigns.
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Scale your social media presence with our Facebook Advertising Management Platform

Add another level of organization for your campaigns

  • Create Campaign groups by adding any number of campaigns to your group
  • This is most beneficial for someone running campaigns for multiple accounts, geographies, objectives, targeting different demographics and more.
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