Best in class Facebook campaign optimization

Run successful Facebook campaigns with our social media advertising platform

Scale your Campaigns through our Facebook Ads Management tool

Save time by creating multiple campaigns through a single flow

Group campaigns to track combined performance in a single dashboard

Create multiple Adverts in a single flow to A/B test and kill the low performing once

Get a bird-eye view of your Campaign Performance

  • Now track what is important to you through our intuitive Campaign section as we show you the metrics that really matter to you.
  • Know your top performing Ad-Sets and Ads to find the success formula.
  • Perform audience analysis to monitor how the Ads are being received according to the set targeting and get a breakdown down to the county level.
  • Find out the best time for running your Campaigns through the Timeline Analysis section which can be broken down by Week vs Day, Day vs Hour and Year vs Month.

Optimize your Facebook Ads with AdvertKit

Split Campaigns and Adset based on multiple Targeting options

  • Multi-select Targeting options like Age, Gender, Interests and Demographics in a single flow
  • Create multiple Campaigns and Adsets based on the selected targeting and monitor them in our Campaigns Dashboard to know what works.
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Scale your social media presence with our Facebook Advertising Management Platform

Create thousands of Ads in seconds

  • AdvertKit lets you create multiple Ads in a single creation flow to A/B test all the variants.
  • Add multiple Images, Call-to-Actions, Descriptions and more to create a combination of  Adverts to run your experiments.
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Use AdvertKit to create an Ad Campaign for better results

Timeline analysis to know the best performing time for your campaigns

  • Use our timeline analysis section to find out when your campaign will perform better. Whether it will deliver better results during some hours of the day or on certain days of the week.
  • Combine timeline analysis with our Campaign scheduler feature to run campaigns only during their best performing time for outstanding conversions.
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