We have simpfilied how you monitor your Facebook ad performance

Create Goals and track your Facebook ad performance

Set goals for your ad campaigns

Monitor the goals set for your Facebook ad campaigns

Spend Optimally for your facebook campaigns

Automate monitoring Facebook ad performance with Goals

  • You can create goals at any desired level like Account, Campaign Group, Campaign, Ad-Set and Ad
  • You can select a metric to setup a Goal along with the desired target to be met in a given duration. The duration can be Daily. Weekly & Monthly.

Optimize your Facebook Ads with AdvertKit

Know about your Goals’ success from our projection

  • Set goals for metrics to reach a desired figure during a set time frame to see if your budget is being spent judiciously.
  • Projection graphs predict if the goal will be reached in the chosen duration based on the current performance.

Scale your social media presence with our Facebook Advertising Management Platform

Get a consolidated view of all the Goals from the Dashboard

  • You can get a Level based break-down of all the Goals along with a Metric based break-down and have all the metric related Goals in one location

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