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Use Alerts to get real-time notifications directly to your inbox

Keep track of your Campaigns in all your Ad Accounts through our Alerts. Take assertive actions through our automated alerts by receiving the performance details of Ad Account, Campaigns, Ad Set and Ads.

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Scale your Campaigns on Facebook through our Ads Automation tool

Rules will help avoid over-spending on non-performing Campaigns

Let your campaigns course-correct automatically by setting up Rules to stop the campaign. The rules are triggered when a set condition is met which automates your mundane Optimization tasks.

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Attain total control over your digital advertising to attain your social media marketing targets using AdvertKit

Track select metrics through Goals

Set goals for metrics to reach a desired figure during a set time frame to see if your budget is being spent judiciously.

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Increase ROI on your social Advertising spend

Switch to auto-pilot using Campaign Scheduler

Decide which day of the week and time of the day to show your Advert. Optimize for  reach and get the best conversions. Also, schedule ads to be shown on a certain calendar dates only.

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