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Split facebook campaigns

What is Campaign Splitting?

Create multiple campaigns with our optimized creation flow where users can choose from multiple targeting options to split at both Campaign and Adsets level


  • Save valuable time by creating multiple Campaigns, AdSets and Ads in a single flow.
  • Track key metrics of the the split set of Campaign and/or AdSets to find the high performing Adverts for better results.
  • Optimize for maximum ROI by using the Rules feature to Auto play or pause multiple Campaigns and Ad-sets created from splitting.
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Group facebook campaigns

What are Campaign Groups?

Campaign groups are like folders constituting of campaigns. Users can add any number of campaigns to a particular Campaign Group.


  • There is no limit to the number of campaigns which can be added to the a particular group
  • Track the combined performance for someone running thousands of campaigns through our Campaign group dashboard in real time.
  • Get a holistic view of the Campaign group performance by knowing the top performing Campaigns to take valuable action
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Schedule facebook campaign

What is Campaign Scheduling?

Campaign scheduling is a way to stop/run campaigns on a pre-defined time schedule.


  • Time your campaigns to show your Adverts at the right time and to the right audience to get outstanding results.
  • Get granular with scheduling by parting on a weekly, daily and even hourly basis
  • Change your bids and budgets according to peak times to get better results.
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Get notified about facebook campaign

What are Alerts?

Alerts are pre-defined email notifications which get triggered based on set criteria which can be handled in the Alerts section of AdvertKit


  • Get notified through email when your most important metric crosses a set desired value
  • Take valuable action on your Account, Campaign Groups, Campaigns, AdSets or Ads based on Alerts
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Set goals for facebook campaign

What are Goals?

Goals allow users to set targets for metrics to be tracked in real-time and project them for a future time period for better budget planning.


  • Create Goals to measure the performance of key metrics on an on-going basis at Campaign, AdSet or Ads Level which can be scheduled on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.
  • Projections to see if the desired Goal will be met in the set duration
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Automate facebook campaigns with rules

What are Rules?

Rules are automated actions which lets users pause or play campaigns when a particular metric meets the set criterion.


  • Automate the manual process of continuous monitoring of your Campaign’s performance
  • Create rules to kill the under performing campaigns
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